Raidījumā skan:

Philip Jeck – Wholesome

Marsen Jules – La Digitale Pourpre

Two Lone Swordsmen – Hope We Never Surface

Mary Yalex – Down By The River (Maria Bohme)

Loris S. Sadrid - Ferns and I

Lovefear – Day Place

Dean Blunt – DASH NOW (dub) (Dean Blunt, Joanne Robertson)

Ki Oni – Dream World (Chuck Soo-Hoo)

Fall River Music Project – Our Mutual Appreciation (Isa Milefchik)

deer park – limerence reboot (A. Santella)

Roedelius – Band 073 3 Kizze 4 von ‘’By This River’’

Wulven – They Are Never Coming Back (Coleman Watson)

Ki Oni – Ornamental Plants (Chuck Soo-Hoo)